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As specialist offshore legal recruiters, we understand just how complicated and time consuming the recruitment process can be. Predicting future staffing needs six to twelve months in advance and sourcing the right candidates is a difficult enough task. Yet without firsthand experience it is hard to fully comprehend the number of possible complicating factors which need to be considered.

At Offshore Legal, our experienced consultants have spent years living and working in a number of the offshore jurisdictions around the world in which we recruit. They have placed countless lawyers and support staff into these and many other locations.  Through our experience and the forging of close relationships with our clients  we have come to understand differing firm structures and cultures, preferred candidate profiles, interview processes, as well as individual island cultures and lifestyles.

Here lies our competitive edge, in that any candidates which pass our screening process will have very realistic work, lifestyle and salary expectations, a good understanding as to work permit processes, the cost of living, school systems and even the likelihood of their partner being able to find suitable work. Therefore you can be confident that any candidate presented to you has been armed with the tools and knowledge to declare themselves and any accompanying family, fully committed to making the move.

Market Knowledge + Close Business Relationship = Achieved Objective

The recruitment process for any one candidate can be lengthy, consuming not only time, energy and valuable resources, but ultimately at the end of the day, money.  We are confident that with our specialist systems and procedures, market knowledge and professional and ethical working practices, we have the formula to help make the whole process as seamless and cost effective as possible.

Should you have any queries regarding our services, general questions about current salary or market trends, or have a job vacancy you would like us to work on, we would be very happy to assist. By filling in the form below, a consultant will make return contact within 24 hours.

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