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Moving house can be stressful. Changing jobs can also be pretty stressful. So it is no big surprise that for many people the decision to uproot their entire lives and family to move to a new country, often on the other side of the world, is likely to be one of the biggest they will ever make.

There are often similar motivations for choosing to make such a move, however the way in which people arrive at that decision can be quite different. For some it can be a drawn out process, spending years wondering if it’s the right thing to do and then waiting for the so-called ‘perfect time’. Some may receive positive feedback from ex-colleagues or friends who have recently done it, whilst for others it may be a more spontaneous decision due to a sudden change in one’s professional or personal circumstances.

Whilst it is exciting to reach this point, it can be equally as daunting deciding on a course of action which will give you the best opportunity to secure a desirable position, within a firm or organization, in one of your chosen jurisdictions.

So why use a recruitment consultancy?

Say you want to build a house and over a period of time have an image in your mind as to the look, feel, layout etc. In your spare time you could start ordering materials and attempt building it yourself.  Without the necessary expertise it will undoubtedly be an arduous exercise which could take an eternity to complete.  It is also likely that you will have to settle for a finished product of far less quality than you initially imagined for yourself.

Alternatively you could employ a professional architect or builder to make your dream a reality. Why? Because they are house building specialists, in that they have the experience, business structure, contacts and tools required to get the desired result in the quickest, most efficient and stress free way possible.  The exact same principals exist in the recruitment process, the only kicker being that you don’t have to pay us a cent!!!

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So what are the some of the benefits of working with Offshore Legal?

We Are Specialists

We specialize in the placement of legal professionals in offshore jurisdictions. Nothing more, nothing less.  Considering the vast number of other professions and financial centers found around the world, this may seem like a risky and rather shortsighted business model.  To the contrary, we believe that it has afforded us to build up an unrivalled amount of in depth market knowledge.

Market Knowledge

They say that with knowledge comes power. Whilst that doesn’t mean our consultants will be running for office at the next elections, it does mean that they can bestow upon you all the information required to comfortably get through the recruitment process and make informed decisions regarding any resulting opportunities.

This information won’t come in the form of wrote learnt facts and figures regarding the various islands. As our consultants have lived, worked and visited clients in just about every jurisdiction they recruit in, they are able to paint an almost perfect picture of what it will be like living and working in any of those locations.  We have already determined that generally speaking, anyone moving offshore will be financially better off. However this should by no means be the sole determining reason for accepting a position. Do cultures vary between firms and what hours would I be expected to work? Is the island more suitable for couples and families or singles? What will I realistically be paying for accommodation and utilities? What is the standard of schooling on offer? What are the best beaches and dive sites? What are the supermarkets like? How much is a beer? These are the kinds of questions which we can answer from firsthand experience to assist with your decision making.

We often find that after such discussions, preferred destinations of candidates can change. Maybe the social scene isn’t a good fit or maybe the maths don’t add up considering you are a family of five.  Let us help you make the right decisions. They are too important to get wrong!

Utilizing business contacts

We have a solid understanding of how the majority of firms are structured and have close working relationships with decision makers.  It is more often than not these relationships, in conjunction with a strong CV, that result in the request for interview.

Salary advice & package negotiation

It is no secret that a large percentage of candidates who move offshore do so for the offer of significantly better salary and benefits coupled with incredibly low or zero income tax. It is not uncommon for a lawyer to double or even triple their net income. Saying this, there are also a lot of misconceptions as to just how big offshore firm salaries are, resulting in quite a number of candidates entering the process with totally unrealistic expectations.  From the outset we will address the issue of salary, and taking into consideration your background and experience, give you a very realistic idea as to what you might expect to be paid.

It is also worth mentioning that a large number of offshore firms employ differing and often complex salary structures. An understanding of which is important for you to calculate the real earning potential of any offer you receive.  In addition, being offshore specialists means that we have the history and ability to negotiate the best possible total remuneration package, maximizing not only salary but relocation, health and other benefits.

Help with your CV

Clients tell me that they are receiving more CV’s than ever before, sometimes hundreds for a single position. In the current market, sometimes hundreds for no position!  A CV is your first and last chance to make an impression and hopefully secure an interview. Having sent literally thousands ourselves, we have identified the exact format and content which firms prefer and expect to see. Offshore firms are often looking for slightly different information and this can even vary firm to firm. We can help you tailor your CV accordingly. Click here for CV writing tips regarding the presentation and suggested content when applying for offshore roles.

Interview Tips

Much like our CV advice, we are fully equipped to give you the best possible preparation for interviews. Due to geographical distances, the interview process when applying for offshore roles can be extremely varied.  A lot of firms conduct interviews purely by telephone, although more and more we are seeing video conferencing being introduced at some stage during the process. You may be asked to visit the firm or company as part of a final interview. This mostly happens with more senior hires, and usually only when they have decided that you are the person for the job but just want to check that you don’t have two heads so to speak.  The number of interviews can be equally as varied. Whilst some candidates have received offers after one phone call, others have had up to work through six or seven stages of interviewing.  Don’t worry. Interviews do tend to be slightly more relaxed and usually we are able to give you valuable insight as to the personalities and interview style of the people you will be speaking with.  Click here for interview tipsrelating specifically to offshore roles.

Honesty is the best policy

At Offshore Legal we find that honesty is the best policy. Building long term relationships with our candidates is paramount to the success of our business. We will always be upfront, honest and constructive in our dealings as we hope you will be with us. We are also acutely aware of the need for absolute discretion as most candidates approach us whilst currently employed.  We will contact you as, when and how you instruct and it is a company policy that your details never be sent to a prospective client without your prior permission.

So whether you would simply like some advice or are ready to get the wheels in motion, we hope that you will contact us to see how we can help.

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